PROJECT 1 (Fall 2017): Violation of TCPA (calls to Mobile phone)

This project involved a debt collection agency repeatedly calling a woman on her cell phone after she had requested them to stop doing so. I was asked to assess the technology platform (ATDS)  in use by the defendant and analyze the testimony of defendant regarding same.  The results of these findings comprised an expert report, and supplemental report (to address further disclosures).  This project included monitoring and real-time feedback during a deposition of a defendant representative, as well as deposition upon my report by opposing counsel. Matter has since been referred to arbitration.

PROJECT 2 (Jan 2018): Class Certification / Data Scrubbing

This project involved several phases of activity including a class certification and expert report. The class certification (in particular) required processing 25m call detail records to establish the presence of a class representative in the data.  The project also involved review of the IMS databases to determine the disposition of the plaintiff's number (mobile or landline -- it was mobile).  The documents (certification and expert report) were produced over a period of 2-3 weeks.

PROJECT 3 (Jan-Feb 2018): SMS Text violation of TCPA, Preliminary Declaration for Class Certification

This project involved a debt collection agency sending dunning texts to a person after they had explicitly requested not to be contacted.  The client  asked for an expert report opining on the gear used and a determination of its relevance as an ATDS, as well as a broader report on the circumstances of the text contacts.

PROJECT 4: Everything Else

Historically, about half of the work we do falls under the purview of our umbrella company, Telemeister Strategic Services LLC.  This work involves various forms of technical consultation related to telecommunications, such as analysis of telecom gear and roadmap development (FEMA for example), or RFP development & execution (Dignity Health for example). Sometimes it includes project remediation for efforts sliding sideways (LifeMasters for example).

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